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Birds of Quinta Mazatlan - Common Ground Dove

Spanish Name: Tortola comun | Scientific Name: Columbina passerina | Size: 6 1/2"

Common Ground Dove

This cute little bird is usually very closely looked at, as the rare Ruddy Ground-Dove looks somewhat similar. Common Ground-Doves are the smallest doves in the United States.


A single call, repeated in series, of wah-up.


Fittingly, the Common Ground-Dove does indeed feed on the ground, usually on bare or near bare dirt, extending into short grass. These birds feed on mostly seeds plucked from grasses and other ground covers and weeds.


Common Ground-Doves nest in either low shrubs or on the ground, making a small twig nest for the former or a simple collection of grasses lining a depression in the latter.


Semi-open Thornforests, pastures, and open areas near human habitation as well. Likes to have some bare dirt with sprouting weeds it seems.

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