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Birds of Quinta Mazatlan - Harris's Hawk

Spanish Name: Aguililla de Harris | Scientific Name: Parabuteo unicinctus | Size: 21"

Harris's Hawk

Harris’s Hawks are beautiful raptors with their rich brown plumage and rusty shoulders. They are commonly used for falconry around the world because of their size, temperament, and intelligence.


A screeching whine, often heard given by young birds begging from their parents.


Harris's Hawks are very interesting because they are social creatures. They often hunt their prey (rabbits, rodents, and other mammals) cooperatively, where one bird will chase the prey item towards another bird, or they’ll take turns chasing it.


Builds large, bulky nests made out of twigs in the tops of trees.


Usually inhabit Thornforests, but can also be found in dry, desert areas, coastal scrub, and fairly commonly in urban settings. They often perch on telephone poles or wires along the roadside.

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