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Birds of Quinta Mazatlan - Inca Dove

Spanish Name: Tortola de cola larga | Scientific Name: Columbina inca | Size: 8 1/2"

Inca Dove

Inca Doves always seem to be in either pairs or groups, seemingly social little creatures. Very susceptible to the cold, Inca Doves often huddle together in pairs on branches, and on occasion practice a habit called “Pyramiding” in which the doves, like a cheerleading team, will pile on top of the other and make what looks like a pyramid!


A plain double call that sounds like the bird is saying whirl-pool, or rain-crow.


As mentioned before, these doves are usually seen in pairs or groups, foraging on the ground for seeds. Their fluttering flight is often seen as they retreat into the cover of a shrub or tree.


Builds a small twig nest, placed safely in a dense shrub or tree.


Usually near a human settlement of some sort, whether it is a farm or in a neighborhood; rarely seen in undisturbed, thick Thornforest.

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