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Birds of Quinta Mazatlan - Mourning Dove

Spanish Name: Paloma Huilota | Scientific Name: Zenaida macroura | Size: 12"

Mourning Dove

A very abundant dove throughout the United States, the Mourning Dove is a subtly beautiful bird; its soft clay-brown plumage with delicate black markings are excellent camouflage and equally pleasant to look at. Despite being one of the most commonly hunted birds in the United States, the Mourning Dove also remains one of the most common.


Presumably how this bird got its name, the Mourning Dove’s song is a soft, mournful sounding oowoo-woo-woo-woo. The wings of the Mourning Dove make a soft whistling or whinnying sound as the bird flies.


Usually seen perched on horizontal branches or foraging on the ground, making stops and starts as it walks in search of its diet of seeds and grains.


These birds build a modest nest, made from assembled twigs and sticks stacked together very flimsily.


A wide variety of open habitats, including open woodlands, agricultural fields, golf courses, parks, and roadsides.

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