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Birds of Quinta Mazatlan - Rock Pigeon

Spanish Name: Paloma bravia | Scientific Name: Columba livia | Size: 13"

Rock Pigeon

An extremely common pigeon worldwide, the Rock Pigeon is often underappreciated because of its abundance, when in fact this is a very interesting bird. These pigeons are very good navigators, and used to carry messages great distances to reach their destination. Also, a famous man by the name of Charles Darwin was fascinated by these Pigeons and their extensive variety of breeds; a showcase of evolution.


These bird make very deep, throaty coos; a common sound anywhere they inhabit. When taking off, the Rock Pigeons wings make a loud flapping sound. When the bird is alarmed it may do a grunting noise as well. The chicks make a soft whining screech.


Commonly seen foraging on the ground for seeds and fruits, but will also pick among scraps left over by humans.


Rock Pigeons nest in just about any nook or cranny, making a nest with a small pile of twigs or straw.


Very common in cities and urban areas, but also inhabits rural farmlands and rocky cliffs.

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