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Birds of Quinta Mazatlan - Turkey Vulture

Spanish Name: Zopilote Aura | Scientific Name: Cathartes aura | Size: 26"

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vultures are often mistaken for Eagles because of their massive size; these birds have a wingspan of almost six feet! A gross form of self defense, Turkey Vultures will vomit in order to scare predators away. What a nasty stench that would be!


Turkey Vultures really don’t have a song and normally keep silent, but will occasionally hiss in a dispute at a carcass.


One of the most mistaken ideas about Vultures is that whenever they’re circling overhead it means there’s something dead lying around. While their food is indeed carrion, just seeing them circling doesn’t mean there’s something dead. Often times when a Turkey Vulture circles, it’s trying to gain altitude to cover more distance by soaring rather than flapping its wings.


No true nest to speak of, the Turkey Vulture will simply lay its eggs on a rocky crevice, abandoned building, caves, etc.


Turkey Vultures are widespread, and can be seen in many different types of habitat. Likes mixed woodlands and open fields, roosting in large trees or on cell phone towers and foraging in the fields.

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