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Birds of Quinta Mazatlan - White-winged Dove

Spanish Name: Paloma de ala blanca | Scientific Name: Zenaida asiatica | Size: 12"

White-winged Dove

White-winged Doves are plump doves that almost always strike one as having a comical appearance due to their somewhat gangly movements as they move about their surroundings. The white patches on their wings are very distinctive markings, and are a good way to tell in a flash whether it’s a White-winged Dove or not.


Something you’ll hear very frequently during the summer months in the RGV, the White-winged Doves song sounds like the bird is asking “Who cooks for you?” When taking off, the wing’s of the White-winged Dove make a startlingly loud flapping sound.


Often seen on the ground or at bird feeders, fluttering and walking in search of seeds. White-winged Doves often gather and perch in the same tree, taking off in panicked flight when startled.


Makes a flimsy nest made of twigs and placed precariously in a tree. Many times the nest falls apart soon after the young dove departs.


Semi-open to dense thorn-scrub or Thornforest and is also seen very commonly in urban settings such as neighborhoods, golf courses, and parks.

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