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Folk Art Room

The Folk Art Room through the Eyes of Ann Moore

Quinta Mazatlan invites you to explore Folk Art through the eyes of Ann Maddox Moore. The Folk Art Room recently opened at Quinta Mazatlan and features over 1,400 pieces of art from Moore’s private collection. The gestalt nature of the folk art room makes it a single piece of art in and of itself: a galaxy of visuals that represent more than the sum of its parts.
Long-time McAllen native, art collector and enthusiast, community supporter and bon vivant, Ann Moore has amassed Mexican folk art for over 40 years! Her generous gift underscores the cross-cultural nature of the Valley’s relationship with Mexico, and provides a dazzling experience of color and hand work that is fast disappearing. The exhibit will act as a mini-branch of the International Museum of Art & Science; a great way to cross promote what we have in McAllen!
Exhibit designers, Erren Seale and Bob Simpson, shared that the collection is from all over Mexico, coming from as far away as Oaxaca, Guerrero and Michoacán. There are also other pieces sprinkled in from Africa, Indonesia, Peru, Guatemala and other countries. Moore’s collection creates a bridge to various cultures, traditions and ways of life through folk art.
Manager of Quinta Mazatlan, Colleen Hook, states “This is an incredible gift from Ann and displays her talents and tastes, as well as the talents of hundreds of other artists”. She goes on to state that a hundred donors brought this magical experience to Quinta Mazatlan which will now be enjoyed by tens of thousands annually. Folk stories always contain a moral that teaches us an important lesson about human nature—so come enjoy and learn about the human mind and magical spirit. Quinta Mazatlan is open Tuesday to Saturday 8 to 5 and Thursdays until dark. For more information, visit

PHOTO CAPTION: Ann Moore is surrounded by her admirers at the opening of her permanent exhibit at Quinta Mazatlan titled the “Folk Art Room—through the Eyes of Ann Moore” featuring over 1,400 pieces from her private collection.

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