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Healing in Nature

The newest program "Nature in Healing" at Quinta Mazatlan, creates a mind-body workout that will incorporate yoga poses and moderate interval training exercises for all fitness levels. The program will be guided by the newest staff member, Sabrina Lartz. Lartz will lead participants through breathing exercises, yoga poses and interval exercises in the Meditation Meadow at Quinta. "Yoga has many health benefits life reducing stress, clearing your mind and it strengthens and tones muscles" Lartz said. It is also an excellent form of exercises for people who are recovering from surgery or injuries and by incorporating interval exercises we can burn additional calories".

Lartz has a degree in wildlife management and ecology and recently moved to the Rio Grande Valley from Florida, where she worked as an environmental consultant. She has always maintained a high level of fitness and worked as a fitness instructor at Fit City Studios in McAllen before joining the team at Quinta.

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9:00- 10:00 am



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