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Hobbies in Nature

Hawk-watching in the Valley

Hawks and other birds of prey have fascinated people for millennia. They are used as symbols of and mascots due to their power, incredible ability to fly, and elegance. People attend hawk-watches all over the world to watch as they migrate vast distances- sometimes over more than one continent!

Enjoy an afternoon of birds of prey with "Hawk-watching in the Valley. Participants will get tips and tricks for identifying the hawks, kites, falcons, and other raptors seen in the LRGV. Plus, go on a guided bird walk with Urban Ecologist John Brush, with the goal of seeing a bird of prey in the wild!

DID YOU KNOW the Rio Grande Valley is a great hawk-watching location? Over 25 species have been seen as they breed, migrate, or winter in our diversity of habitats. Learn more neat raptors facts with "Hawk-watching in the Valley"!

Schedule & Fees

Saturday, March 3, 2018


3:00- 5:00 pm



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