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Nature Speaker Series

Join us for our weekly nature speaker series, and explore nature through the insight of expert speakers. Topics range from native birds and butterflies to local culture and art. The educational series is brought to you by the generous sponsorship of Thurmond Eye Associates.

Schedule & Fees
Date: Thursdays, September through April
Time: 6:00-7:00 pm

$3.00 Per Person

Book Presentation at Quinta Mazatlan: Hummingbirds- Volume 1

Hummingbirds are tiny, but they have an immense power to capture the hearts and imaginations of people across the world. Over 300 species roam the skies over North and South America, and few authors have written guides that cover the entire family. The Gorgas Science Foundation has recently released the first in a set of books that will do just that. Join Seth Patterson at Quinta Mazatlan on Thursday, December 1st at 6 pm for a special presentation on this magnificent new book!

Written by esteemed avian biologist, John C. Arvin, and illustrated by three exceptional artists, Sangeetha Kadur, Raul Andrade, and Vydhehi Kadur, this large format, fine art book celebrates the exquisite beauty and amazing diversity of hummingbirds. The first of a two volume set, this first volume showcases the 127 species of hummingbird found throughout North America, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands. Each individual species has been meticulously studied and artistically rendered to showcase their beauty and splendor. They are set in a scene reflective of their range and environment. Also included is the preferred flowering plant that each species is most associated or the plant for which it serves as exclusive pollinator. Unique life history, distribution, adaptations, morphology and conservation status is noted in the text.

Seth Patterson is an avid naturalist and self-taught photographer who first discovered photography as a means to share his passion for nature with the world. Now a life-long pursuit, Seth focuses on using his photography as a tool to help educate and inspire the conservation of his subjects. He is an employee of Gorgas Science Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on conservation through education. Seth's work for GSF focuses on imagery and incorporates much of his photography and graphics design abilities. Seth is also a participating photographer for the international Meet Your Neighbours Project. An accomplished author in his own right, Seth is the perfect storyteller to introduce us to the newest book about the flying gems we call hummingbirds.

The Nature Speaker Series takes place on Thursday evenings through May 2017 and is proudly sponsored by Thurmond Eye Associated. The program fee is $3.00 per person and no advance reservations is required. Quinta Mazatlan is located at 600 Sunset Drive in McAllen, one block south of La Plaza Mall on 10th Street. For more information contact Quinta Mazatlan at (956) 681-3370 or visit

2016 Speaker Schedule:

  • December 1- "Hummingbirds Vol. 1" Book Release, Seth Patterson, Gorgas Science Foundation
  • December 8- Wells Fargo Holiday Concert in the Park with the Big Band Sound of the Dean Canty Band
  • December 15- Environment, Art, & Economy Interdependence in Mexico: Rachel Brown, South Texas College
  • December 22- Doves of the Valley
  • December 29- Urban Birds- John Brush, UTRGV

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