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Top Butterfly Plants

Attracting butterflies to your garden is easy and fun. Below is a list of the plants in Quinta Mazatlan’s Butterfly Garden.

  • Barbados Cherry, dwarf variety (Malpighia glabra) Pink flowers followed by cherry red, tart-tasting that are high in Vitamin C., blooming from spring to fall. Host to: Cassius Blue, White-patched Skipper, Funereal Duskywing, and Brown-banded Skipper.

  • Betony Mistflower/Padre Mistflower (Eupatorium betonicifolium) Attracting many butterfly species this small perennial (1-3 ft), blooms disk shaped flowers. Host to: Rounded Metalmark.
  • Taperleaf Heliotrope/Scorpion's Tail (Heliotropium angiospermum) A drought tolerant small evergreen (18-24 in), producing small white flowers year round. Nectar plant.
  • Corkystem Passionvine (Passiflora suberosa) Host to: Gulf Fritillary, Zebra Heliconian, Variegated Fritillary, and Julia Heliconian.
  • Crucita (Chromolaena odorata) 3-6 ft, Partial shade to full sun, mostly fall blooming. Nectar plant. Host to: Round Metalmark.
  • Low Croton (Croton humilis) Host to: Tropical Leafwing
  • Scarlet Sage (Salvia coccinea) Nectar plant, Host to: Painted Lady.
  • Texas Baby Bonnets (Coursetia axillaris) This native shrub is densely branched (3-9 ft), blooming from spring to fall tiny sweet-pea shaped flowers (white, pink, and yellow in color), with a reddish pod that can appear simultaneously with the flower. Host to: Funereal Duskywing, Southern Dogface.
  • Texas Frogfruit (Phyla incisa) At 3-8 inches tall, this species is an excellent ground cover for hot, dry areas. With tiny white clusters of blossoms with burgundy and yellow centers, blooming from spring-fall, and long serrated shaped leaves. Host to: White Peacock, Common Buckeye, and Phaon Crescent.

  • Texas Kidney (Eysenhardtia texana) Extremely drought tolerant this medium to large airy shrub (10 ft), blooms spikes of fragrant white flowers, from spring to summer. Host to: Southern Dogface.
  • Texas Lantana (Lantana urticoides) A spreading shrub with flowers that are colorful red, orange, and yellow, blooming from spring to fall. Nectar plant.
  • Texas Stonecrop (Lenophyllum texanum) Host to Xami Hairstreak.
  • Vasey Adelia (Adelia vaseyi) Host to: Mexican Bluewing.
  • Wedelia (Wedelia hispida) Host to: Bordered Patch.

  • White Brush (Aloysia gratissima) Nectar plant.
  • Yellow Sophora (Sophora tomentosa) Also known as yellow necklace pod this fernlike foliage (3-6 ft) adds contrast to other plants, with spikes of yellow flowers. Nectar plants.
  • Prairie Milkweed/Zizotes Milkweed (Asclepias oenotheroides); white flowers from spring to fall; use a minimum of 6 plants. Host to Monarch and Queen caterpillars.

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