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We kindly ask you to please
•   Wear your face covering in City of McAllen buildings
•   Wash and sanitize your hands frequently
•   Practice social distancing
•   Use preventive measures like not touching your face
•   Stay home if you feel sick and visit another day
Our staff works hard to protect you…
•   Undergoes a health screen per shift
•   Has protective equipment (counter shields, masks & more)
•   Frequently sanitizes the buildings
•   Makes hand sanitizer visible and available
•   Displays best health practice signage as a reminder to all
•   Follows the state phased guidelines for individuals and public gatherings

Steps to make a Monarch garden

Steps to make a Monarch butterfly garden in the Valley

1.) Choose a sunny spot (5-6 hours of sunshine/day), protected from wind

2.) Create a Menu using Valley native plants:

---Choose nectar-rich plants:

  • Betony- leaf Mistflower/Padre Island Mistflower
  • Cowpen Daisy
  • Crucita/Blue Mistflower
  • Hairy Wedelia
  • Spring Mistflower/Blue Boneset
  • Texas Lantana
  • Turk's Cap
  • Velvet Lantana
  • White Brush

You may wish to include plants with small flowers to also attract small butterflies:

  • Frogfruit (either Texas or Silky)
  • Scorpion's Tail/Taperlearf Heliotrope

---Choose host plants, which will be munched!

  • Prairie Milkweed/Zizotes Milkweed
  • Climbing Milkweed/Milkweed Vine

3.) Butterflies like warmth: Consider adding basking areas- rocks, stepping stones, bench

4.) Butterflies need to puddle: Consider an area (shallow dish, rock, etc.) where pudding of water with soil/mud/sand/ can occur

5.) Do not use pesticides

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