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•   Wash and sanitize your hands frequently
•   Practice social distancing
•   Use preventive measures like not touching your face
•   Stay home if you feel sick and visit another day
Our staff works hard to protect you…
•   Undergoes a health screen per shift
•   Has protective equipment (counter shields, masks & more)
•   Frequently sanitizes the buildings
•   Makes hand sanitizer visible and available
•   Displays best health practice signage as a reminder to all
•   Follows the state phased guidelines for individuals and public gatherings

Green Parking Lot

The warm and friendly “welcome” begins promptly at the entrance of our Parking Lot, long before you arrive at the front door. Sitting under a canopy of shady Ebony and Huisache trees bordered with lush green flower beds, our "Welcoming Garden" attracts both people and wildlife. On occasion forest creatures like Cotton-tailed Rabbits and Plain Chachalacas will greet you upon arrival.

Our "Welcoming Garden" is our Parking Lot which demonstrates how you too can enhance the welcoming image of your home or business. Businesses can benefit from a “green” parking lot, which promotes a very positive image. A border or island of green can serve to distinguish your company from your neighbors and from city traffic.

Parking Lot gardens can also serve as places for employees to relax and take a break. Green areas surrounding businesses give passers by instant cheer and good feelings. “Wow! How pretty! I’d like to do business with them!” or “Must be a great place to work!”

Your "Parking Lot" can become a "Welcoming Garden" which promotes a very positive image. Parking Lot gardens can save as places for employees to relax and take a break. Green areas surrounding business give passers by instant cheer and good feelings. "Wow! How pretty! I'd like to do business with them!" or "Must be a great place to work!"

Here are some ideas on how to change your “Parking Lot” into a “Welcoming Garden”

Use a Framework of Canopy Trees

Trees will provide shade, food and shelter for wildlife and screen views. Tree recommendations include Guayacan, Guamuchil, Wild Olive, Anacua, Colima, Cedar Elm, Sugar Hackberry, Palo Verde, Huisache, Texas Persimmon (Chapote), Texas Sabal and Texas Ebony.

Plant Flower Beds

Plants provide seasonal color, food for wildlife and garden beauty. Plant recommendations include Cenizo, Lantana, Skeleton-leaf Daisy, Native Verbena, Mexican Honeysuckle, Salvia, Turk’s Cap and Mexican Poinciana.

Go Native

Native plants require less water and maintenance and provide food and shelter for our local birds and other animals. Go Native!

Reduce Paved Surface

A goal would be to reduce areas incapable of being penetrated by water, meaning reduce impervious parking lots. Less paving means reducing the need for storm water runoff management. You can turn an island of asphalt into a green island with grass pavers, gravel, pervious concrete and other options.

Use Alternatives for Overflow Parking

Overflow parking areas can be even more “green.” At Quinta Mazatlan the overflow area is called “Emerald Parking” as it is all green grass.

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