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Hummingbirds are readily drawn to rural and suburban areas that offer a mixture of trees, shrubs, grassy meadows, and thick shady canopies. When you visit Quinta Mazatlan, you’ll see this combination along with nectar rich plants which include both native and tropical species.

Our Hummingbird Garden sits near the front entrance of the historic home and features 40 different plants which include herbaceous plants, shrubs, vines and trees of various heights and blooming dates.

It’s simple to design a hummingbird garden around a home, school or business using this combination of plants. It’s not necessary to feature 40 different plant species in your garden to attract hummingbirds; you can focus on 5 to 10 major nectar plants. Check out our “top 20” plants that will help you design your hummingbird garden.

Please refer to the list below for ideas, and happy gardening.

Hummingbird Garden at Quinta Mazatlan

Quinta Mazatlan Hummingbird Garden Legend

  1. Red Yucca
  2. Mexican Caesalpinia
  3. Wild Olive
  4. Turk’s Cap
  5. Red Pentas
  6. White Bird of Paradise
  7. Tropical Bird of Paradise
  8. Soft–tipped Yucca
  9. Texas Mountain Laurel
  10. Blue Plumbago
  11. Mango Tree
  12. Pygmy Date Palm
  13. Southwest Bernardia
  14. Orange Zexmania
  15. Mexican Milkweed
  16. Lion’s Ear
  17. Shrubby Blue Sage
  18. Texas Kidney Wood
  19. Cenizo
  20. Scarlet Sage
  21. Coral Bean
  22. Skeleton leaf Goldeneye Daisy
  23. Tamaulipan Fiddlewood
  24. Barbados Cherry
  25. Mexican Honeysuckle
  26. Flame Acanthus
  27. Desert Willow
  28. Firecracker Bush
  29. Shrimp Plant
  30. Gregg’s Mistflower
  31. Texas Persimmon
  32. Primrose Jasmine
  33. Baby Bonnets
  34. Brasil
  35. Chili Pequin
  36. Mexican Trixis
  37. Mexican Sage
  38. Desert Lantana
  39. Banana Tree
  40. Guamuchil
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