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Wooded Meadow

Seeded with native Buffalo Grass and decorated with colorful native landscaping, the Wooded Meadow is an ideal meeting place for local visitors and wildlife. A stone amphitheatre and shaded resting areas allow visitors to quietly sit and observe the busy activities of our birds and butterflies. A decorative Agave-shaped mister and the music-like sound of trickling water lure wildlife seeking a place to cool off on a hot day.

Wooded Meadows are a great example of Green Management as they provide a long-term multifunctional use for the land. The meadow serves as a home for the birds and as a recreational space for people. It’s a new way to design parks, which traditionally don’t encompass so many trees and plants creating a forest-like effect. The meadow concept also requires less maintenance than gardens. We invite you to explore nature as it is about personal discovery.

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