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We kindly ask you to please
•   Wear your face covering in City of McAllen buildings
•   Wash and sanitize your hands frequently
•   Practice social distancing
•   Use preventive measures like not touching your face
•   Stay home if you feel sick and visit another day
Our staff works hard to protect you…
•   Undergoes a health screen per shift
•   Has protective equipment (counter shields, masks & more)
•   Frequently sanitizes the buildings
•   Makes hand sanitizer visible and available
•   Displays best health practice signage as a reminder to all
•   Follows the state phased guidelines for individuals and public gatherings

Top Hummingbird Plants

Enjoy these beautiful and amazing birds. Attracting hummingbirds to your garden is easy and fun. Below is a partial list of Quinta Mazatlan's favorite Hummingbird Plants.

Turk’s Cap

(Malvaviscus drummondii) Blooming year round this small to medium deep-rooted shrub (2-9ft), produces red/white flowers that are twisted into a whorl of petals.

Scarlet Salvia

(Salvia coccinea) Scarlet sage or salvia has red flowers on a square stem (1-3ft), and lure hummingbirds and butterflies.

Yellow Sophora

(Sophora tomentosa) Short, densely-pubescent, rounded shrub, long bumpy pods. Flowers elongated, terminal clusters bright-yellow or yellowish-white; Spring to Fall.

Wild Olive

(Cordia boissieri) Large shrub to small tree (10-25ft) with equal spread, flowers essentially year round, white trumpet shaped flowers with yellow center, and fruits a round olive with single seed.

Coral bean

(Erythrina herbacea) Blooming from spring to summer dark red waxy flowers on spikes, coral bean (6-25ft) also produces thin dark pods with bright red seeds (poisonous).

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