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Design a Hummingbird Garden

Attract hummingbirds to your garden by following these easy steps.

Location, location, location

To start your garden, choose an area that has or will have both shade and sunshine. A narrow or curved design is best for your garden as this allows hummingbirds’ easy access to flower blooms on all sides.

Create a Menu

Gardens with hummingbird plants will attract more birds. Native plants are usually easier to care for and are designed for the valley temperatures. Remember to use lots of compost to create a rich soil for your plants. As you near summer add sufficient mulch to prevent water loss.

Hummingbirds prefer tubular flowers because their long bill fits deep inside where nectar can be found. Since many of the nectar flowers are brightly colored red, the color serves as a quick clue to a flower’s value as food. Flowers that rely on sweet scents to attract insect pollinators usually do not provide a nectar source for hummingbirds.

It’s best to group your flowers by color (3 or more) so the hummingbird can find them easily. Grouping the plants also helps the gardener care for the plants.

Provide Perches

Trees are often used for perches for courtship displays, resting and nesting. This is important because hummingbirds spend 80% of their day roosting. Large trees also provide hummers with a source of lichens, which is used as nesting materials. If there is enough space to plant a tree you might consider a Wild Olive in south Texas. If there is no space for a tree, consider adding some large dead branches to serve as perches.

Water & Extra Food

Hummingbirds, like most birds, are attracted to water; a water bath or mister will attract bathing and pruning behaviors in your garden. A food addition can be Hummingbird Feeders in your yard. The actual feed is a sugar water mixture that gives the hummingbird lots of energy. If you use the feeders, they must be cleaned at least once per week with hot water only. The sugar mixture is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Red dye is not needed.


Never use pesticides in your garden because the toxic chemicals will destroy insects and spiders that are vital to a hummingbird’s diet. In addition pesticides may even harm or kill the birds.

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