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Native Plant Information

The following charts describe native plants for a garden setting. They are organized by into tall and small trees, tall and short shrubs, herbaceous plants (that is non-woody), groundcovers, and vines. Each plant includes information such as: matures height/width, sun vs. shade, leaf retention, flowering and fruiting color and time, and types of wildlife they attract. We have also included a list of plants we do not recommend at all for various reasons for reference.

Valley Native Small Trees for the Garden
Valley Native Tall Trees for the Garden
Valley Native Small Shrubs for the Garden
Valley Native Large Shrubs for the Garden
Valley Native Herbaceous Plants (non-woody) for the Garden
Valley Native Groundcover and Vines for the Garden
Prohibited Species- do not plant

The following charts describe how different native plants can be used for specific purposes: attract birds, attract hummingbirds, serve as host plants for caterpillars, and provide nectar for butterflies.

Valley Native Plants for Birds
Top Valley Native Hummingbird Plants
Top Valley Native Butterfly Nectar Plants
Top Valley Native Caterpillar Host Plants

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