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Photography Policy

Visitors to Quinta Mazatlan are welcome to take photographs and shoot videos for touristic use. Personal photographs and videos are not to be used for commercial purposes.

Wedding and Portrait Photography

For those considering Quinta Mazatlan as the location for wedding, engagement, bridal, senior class, family or business portraits, please review the following rules and guidelines in advance of your photo shoot.

The “Professional Photography Fee” includes admission for all members of the group, including the photographer. Based on availability, a private changing room is available to the client. Wedding, Portrait and Commercial photography are subject to certain rules and restrictions.

Photography Fee
Fee: $50 per hour with a minimum of two hours
Photography Sessions
Days: Tuesday - Saturday
Times 9:30am - 11:30am, 12:00pm - 2:00pm, 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Photographer or client not respecting the above stated time frames and/or delaying another session will incur a cost of up to $150 per hour for over-extending their reservation.

Commercial Photography

Photographs and videos are not to be used for any commercial purposes without authorization. Professional photographers must contact Quinta Mazatlan in advance before photography or filming of any kind. Projects will be approved on a case-by-case basis, and the City of McAllen reserves the right to refuse any project. The City of McAllen will not allow any implied or actual endorsement of a product, institution or ideology.

The City of McAllen reserves the right to refuse admittance for photography and/or to change its Photography Policy without advance notice.


Photography is permitted in any of the outdoor and indoor areas of Quinta Mazatlan (except when meetings or private events are taking place). Please stay on pathways and mowed lawn areas. Do not walk in mulched or planted garden beds.


Vehicles are not allowed beyond the garden’s parking lot. For guests who require special assistance, vehicles may load and unload at the main entrance to the house, but park vehicle in the parking lot. Vehicles may not remain unattended inside the gates of Quinta Mazatlan.

Friendly Reminder

All visitors at Quinta Mazatlan want a pleasant experience. Please be courteous and do not block pathways or other areas in any way. Remember that Quinta Mazatlan is a public place where visitors are welcome in all public areas, and that regular business continues during normal operating hours. Thank you!

Policies for Photographers

  • Photographers will be held liable for any damages caused to Quinta Mazatlan property by themselves or their photo subject. We ask that the furnishings be respected as they are antiques and must be left as they lay.
  • Quinta Mazatlan reserves the right to refuse admittance for photography or eject photographers and photo subjects not in compliance, and to change this Photography Policy without advance notice.
  • Reservation form is needed upon check-in for ALL photography sessions.
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