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Day Business Meetings

8 am to 5 pm - Tuesday to Saturday

Private rooms may be rented during business hours for business meetings only.

As the facility is “open” to the public during business hours, certain areas will remain open to the public (reception area, nature exhibits, cedar hall, art gallery, gift store, courtyard, kitchen, grounds/trails, and restrooms). Parties, celebrations and receptions are not considered “business meetings”. Alcohol may not be served during business hours. Music and entertainment are also not allowed during business meetings.

The rental fee during “Business Hours” includes a private room plus tables and chairs based on the “Furniture Availability” list provided by Quinta Mazatlan. The fee also includes the set-up and take-down of the city furniture only. Other furniture items and needs are the responsibility of the lessee. Set-up and take-down must be included in the rental time period.

Location Capacity Price
Grand Hall Up to 80 people (sit-down)

$150 per hour; Min. Hours: 3


Up to 40 people (sit-down)

$50 per hour; Min. Hours: 3

Art Gallery

Up to 20 people (sit-down)

$50 per hour; Min. Hours: 3

Non-Profit Rental Fee

Non-profit organizations are eligible for a 30% discount off the facility rental rate. Organizations must submit paperwork showing “Non-profit” status and a copy will be kept on file at Quinta Mazatlan.

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