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Evening Events (Weddings and Parties)

5 pm to Closing - Tuesday to Saturday

The estate may be rented after hours for private events.

The facility will be “closed” to the public during the rental. The rental fee will include staff to oversee the protection of the venue: Facility Manager, Grounds Manager, Custodian, Drivers for the two 8-passenger golf carts, Parking Attendants and Security Guard.

The rental fee during “Evening Hours” includes the estate rental plus tables and chairs, for a maximum of 350 guests, based on the “Furniture Availability” list provided by Quinta Mazatlan. The fee also includes the set-up and take-down of the city furniture only. Other furniture items and decoration needs are the responsibility of the lessee. Set-up and take-down must be included in the rental time period.

Up to 150 Guests $4,800 + $1,000 Security Deposit
Up to 250 Guests $5,800 + $1,000 Security Deposit
Up to 350 Guests $6,800 + $1,000 Security Deposit

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Night “Closing Hour” 10:00 pm
Plus one hour for take-down and clean-up to 11:00 p.m.

Friday & Saturday Night “Closing Hour” 11:00 pm
Plus one hour for take-down and clean-up to midnight.

NOTE: An additional $1000.00 damage deposit is due when the full rental fee payment is due (30 days prior to the event). The damage deposit will be refunded 30 days following the event, if no damages occurred and policies were observed by the lessee and lessee’s caterer, band, other contractors and guests.

Non-Profit Facility Rental Fee:

Non-profit organizations are eligible for a 30% discount off the facility rental rate. Organizations must submit paperwork showing “Non-profit” status and a copy will be kept on file at Quinta Mazatlan.

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