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•   Wash and sanitize your hands frequently
•   Practice social distancing
•   Use preventive measures like not touching your face
•   Stay home if you feel sick and visit another day
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•   Has protective equipment (counter shields, masks & more)
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Sculpture Trail

The Forest Sculpture Trail is a new permanent outdoor art exhibit at Quinta Mazatlan. The Sculpture Trail is designed to tell a story of the beautiful creatures of the South Texas Thornforest. Click here to take a tour!


Awareness and appreciation of our flora and fauna will help shape the next 100 years in the Rio Grande Valley. Celebrate nature by sponsoring a permanent sculpture on the trails. Artistic metal sculptures and bi-lingual signage will tell the story of a land of diversity in the Rio Grande Valley.


White-tailed Deer Doe and Fawn $19,250

American Alligator (14 feet) $14,250

GOLD Sponsor

Two Raccoons $11,250

Tortoise & Hare (storybook) $11,250

South Texas Gray Fox $9,250

American Badger with 2 Young Ones $9,250

SILVER Sponsor

Egret & Baby $8,500

Striped Skunk carrying baby in mouth $8,000

Cactus Wren $8,000

Night Hawk "Pauraque" $8,000

Spider & Web (8') $7,000

Mesquite Lizard (larger than life) $7,000

Wild Turkey $7,000

Rattlesnake $5,000

If you would like more information, please call Colleen Hook or email to, 956-681-3370 or any of the Quinta Mazatlan Advisory Board Members.

Thank you for your your leadership in promoting environmental education through art!

PHASE I (26 on the Trails)

Glynn Andrews Family Foundation Ocelot

Dr. & Mrs. Roger Vitko Leaf-Cutter Ants

Frost Bank Harris's Hawk & Nest

Joyce and Frank Smith Great Horned Owl

Jerry Box & Family Texas Tortoise

Jerry Box & Family Black-tailed Jackrabbit

McCreery Avaition Golden-fronted Woodpecker

Friends & Family of Neal King White-tailed Deer

Jerry Box & Family Buff-bellied Hummingbird

Palmer Steel Supplies, Inc. Texas Horned Lizard

Gayle and Neal Runnels Green Kingfisher

Alice G.K.K. East & Family Altamira Oriole & Nest

Dr. & Mrs. Roger Vitko Red-bordered Pixie Butterflies

Rio Bank Jaguarundi

Dr. Bill & Evy Gillum Mountain Lion

Kay Jancik & Susie & Bill Robertson Family of Chachalacas

Texas Regional Bank Bobcat

Inter National Bank Great Blue Heron

Don King & Family Family of Javelinas

Kreidler Family Mexican Free-tailed Bats

Ann and Jerry Greenfield Dragonfly

OXY INC. Jaguar

Esther and Raymond Jenkins Margay "Tree Ocelots"

City of McAllen Indigo Snake

McAllen South Rotary Club Archaeopteryx

Kevin Graham Winged Wonders

PHASE II (6 Exhibited in Home- to be Place on the Trails in the Fall)

Wanda Bousch Opossum & Young

John and Becky Gerling Eastern Screech Owl

Wade & Leticia Graham Red-eared Slider & Young

Looney-Montgomery Foundation Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Margie & Bob McCreery Coyote

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Nine-banded Armadillo

PHASE III (7 In Production with artist Douglas Clark at UTRGV Art Foundry)

Don King & Family Native American & Harris' Hawk

Libby & Jim Brown Desert Cottontail Rabbits

Dora & Joe Brown Green Parakeets

Elizabeth & Stephen Burns Bob White Quail

In Honor of Regan Jane & Roger James Vitko Inca Doves

Darlene & Jack Hart Great Roadrunner

Family of Dr. Carl Seale Tree Chair

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