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From Water to Wildlife

From Water to Wildlife is a curriculum kit for secondary students to accompany Richard Moore’s acclaimed “From Water to Wildlife” DVD production about the Valley’s water and natural resources.

Click on each lesson title for the detailed lesson plan, including TEKS.

LESSON ONE: “From Water to Wildlife” Documentary DVD & QUIZ

Students watch Richard Moore’s 30-minute DVD documentary, that explores the impact of water availability, and native and non-native vegetation on our ecosystem. In a region with less than 2-feet of rain annually, this DVD encourages water conservation planning and native plant gardening.

LESSON TWO: Google Earth: Waterways of the LRGV

Students identify water resources in the LRGV, through a PowerPoint presentation that includes a classroom exercise that uses Google Earth Maps” technology.

LESSON THREE: Home Water Audit

A personal water audit will give a student an idea of how much water he or she uses daily. Conducting a water audit involves calculating water use and identifying simple ways to conserve water in the home.

LESSON FOUR: Design-a-Garden

Using plant model cards, students practice landscape design for a native garden that can support the ecosystem and help save water.

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